Concurso Innovative Ideas Oporto Water Tanks - Portugal
Com Isabel Beleza
Menção Honrosa

In our cities of today many terrains are left at the edge of their centers. The contemporary post-industrial urban fabric, either at the pheripheric areas as in the dense city centers, we assist to a raise of “voids”. The “non-places” of marc augÉ. Some of those “voids”, are left becose subqualified
The problem of connection of those areas to the rest of the city is stressed by the fact that traditional conceptions of public space often fail in peripheric areas described above. Our approach to the site is to explore the ways to create a different type of areas with more diverse functional mix and more sensitively approached buitl environment.

The idea is to create an open public space offering various possibilities in terms of activities and connecting to parts of the city that were separeted.