Project Tartu, Estonia (Stage2)
with Matthias Heskamp

Rather than separating the human (cultural) and non-human (natural) systems we understand a sustainable concept in the immediate interaction of both.
Man is part of the nature as nature should be part man. This enhances sensibly and responsibly for nature.
Localization, topography and nature are considered not as constraints but precisely as the generator of the project. The site in Tartu offers a chance to focus on laying emphasis on existing ecologic conditions.
The green belt is still separating the Annelinn from the center of Tartu. The rapid of expansion might invade the delicate site.
We propose going further than only preserving nature areas. We pretend to link those with new "green branches" which filter into the new proposed district.

The built environment concept:
The new city district for approximately 4500 inhabitants requires a social, educational, commercial, sport and leisure infrastructure.
The density of our proposed housing concept allow to provide green public and semipublic spaces. Beyond their recreational qualities they serve to establish an infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting Annelinn with the town center and the areas situated by the River Emajgi and the Anne canal.
The bicycle paths and walkways are detached from the streets crossing on purpose backyards of houses, parks and the public square. This enhances creating a lively, human friendly atmosphere.